Skylab is…
… an old school style web 3 rpg with turn based combat.

Our mission is to bring back the memories of our childhood with the rpg style of old times, focusing on gameplay and immersion.


Team members


Senior Artist


Working with world renowned artists

World renowned artist and award winning composer Yuka Kitamura is composing the music for Skylab, Akin Göcmenli, founder and director of the game, has 10 years of experience in the film industry and has worked on movies such as The Avengers, Dr Strange and many more…

Community backed

With over $2 million TVL backed on the Dapp Builders programme on the Astar network, we have the support of the community. Community stakers are rewarded with a variety of things such as rare collectible NFTs, real phygital NFTs and more…

Expect the demo

Focusing on gameplay, we are planning to release the demo around June 2024, check our socials for more information and announcements for the specific date.


Q1 24

Team building.

Q2 24

Core Gameplay Mechanics
Demo release
Demo evaluation

Q3 24

Expanding Community
Production of Full Game

Q4 24

Closed beta testing

Q1 25

Full trailer and release date

Q4 25

Release of Skylab


Akin Göcmenli

Founder – Game Director

Akin Göcmenli is the director and founder of Skylab Studios. He has 10 years experience in the film industry as a Senior FX Artist and Supervisor and has worked on films such as The Avengers, Dr Strange and a wide range of series, TV shows and films:

Salih Iyigül

Co-Founder – Head of Marketing

As co-founder and bizdev/community manager, Salih has 4 years of experience in web3 space and community management, and was a leader and senior ambassador for various web3 projects and communities for some time before managing the community for Skylab Corporation

Burak Sancak

Chief Financial Officer

Is a multiple business owner with 7 years experience in management, merchandising, product design and production and also business developer. His network of producers and distributors and his creative nature make him create all kinds of high quality merchandize.